Choosing the Right Shed Colour

HELP! What colour should my shed be?  Never fear – First Sheds blog is here!

When picking colours for your new shed, here is a few tips to help you make the right decision.

1. Check all colours that are available to you.
Sometimes there might be options you never considered, or didn’t think of. First Sheds Canberra Ranbuild uses only Australian Colorbond and their colours. The full range can be found here. Furthermore, the range is forever changing with new colours coming out. Have you checked out the new Colorbond MATT finish yet?

2. Match to your home and landscape.
Matching to existing structures is always a good idea. It makes the entire property seem fluid. Furthermore, if your shed is going to be up against a fence, blending with that can look good also. Is your garden full of bright colours? A colour that either blends with the garden, or offsets the garden can also look good.

3. Different colours for different parts of the shed.
Yes! Its possible. You are able to get any different colour on any part of the shed, whether it be a downpipe, gutter, roller door etc. Shed’s with contrasting and complimenting colours always look good. For example you might consider Woodland Grey on the Roof, Gutters, Roller door etc, and then Shale Grey on the walls. Click here to check out a stable/workshop with Classic Cream all over, with Woodland Grey Trim around roof and windows.

4. Light or Dark.
Do you want your shed to stand out? Picking a lighter colour can often look good with a darker fence, and a lot of greenery in the landscape. A darker colour will tend to “pop” more in a garden with lots of colours.

5. Colours for your climate
If you are using your shed everyday, and storing particular items in the shed, heat can start to have influence on your colour choice. If you live in a hot area, and/or the shed is directly in the sun, a lighter colour will reflect the heat better. Conversely, if you are in a cold area, a darker shed will keep the inside a little warmer. Furthermore the Colorbond MATT colours also tend to hold the heat a little more.

At the end of the day, the colour choice is completely up to you. If red is your favourite colour, pick red. If you worry about the heat, go dark. If you’re thinking about selling, match the house. Whatever you pick, will always have benefits. If you have any questions – feel free to contact First Sheds Canberra Ranbuild at anytime to discuss.

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