Benefits of Multi Talented Shed Erectors

Having one building crew manage your project from start to finish, can take out many headaches. That’s why here at Canberra Ranbuild, we make sure our team are multi-skilled, and can manage a job from start to finish. This means they will be able to pick up on future problems, and have and impeccable eye for detail. Whoever you choose to build your shed, always make sure to consider the few points below:

  1. How many people will be involved?
    There’s a surprising amount that can go into a finished shed, concreting, building, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, roof plumbing and more. Each of these different parts could require multiple people. You may indeed save a bit of money organizing each step, but is it really worth having 15 different people coming and going from your house.
  2. Are the builders experienced?
    No matter who you choose to build your shed with, make sure to ask how experienced they are. An experienced builder can be the difference on many fronts, quality finish, time taken for the project, and ultimately how long your shed will last. First Sheds Canberra Ranbuild’s shed erectors have had decades of experience on hundreds of projects from Warehouses to Garages. Check out some of the past projects our boys have completed here.
  3. How is communication between all the subcontractors?
    Sometimes you might have an important change or note for the team. For example you might mention that you would like a window moved to a different spot. If you tell this to subcontractors, they may often forget to pass the message on. That’s why here at First Sheds we use the same core team from slab prep, to pouring the concrete, to erecting the shed, to plumbing storm water, to all other extras. This means no messages get lost in translation, and the customer ends up with the pristine product they both want and deserve.
  4. Future Planning
    The benefit of multi-skilled shed builders, is their knack for future proofing sheds. Countless times has our talented team arrived on site to begin preparation for the slab, and come up with extra great ideas. For blocks on a slope, rain may come in, therefor a strip drain might be a good idea. Changing the location of windows depending on sun position to maximize sunlight. These small things, can make a world of difference.

No matter who you build your shed with, it’s always wise to make sure you are confident in the team, their experience, and their ability to communicate clearly with you. For more information about our team, or have any questions about our blog, feel free to get in touch with us here.


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