Project Description

School Shelter 11.0m x 14.0m

This COLA (covered outdoor learning area) is part of our school master range. This structure highlights First Sheds construction ability as it was constructed over an existing playground at Holy Family school in Gowrie. For this project First Sheds, handled the approvals, excavated and poured the piers, supplied the material  and constructed the COLA.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR SCHOOLS AND BUILDERS: The ACT government has made shade structures on schools exempt From DA approval IF the shade structure is less than 200sqm, and its height is less than 10m overall. This ruling can be found in the Planning and Development Regulation 2008. Specifically, Schedule 1, Exempt developments Part 1.3, Exempt developments—schools Division 1.3.6A, Section 1.99J, SCHOOLS – Shade structures. click here to view the document  (page 198)

PRICE GUIDE: $20,000 – $35,000*. 

WHATS INCLUDED: This project included earthworks to excavate the columns piers, forming and pouring piers, material supply, construction, and project management. The approval was handled in house by our approvals management team.

*COLAs can range dramatically in cost depending on the overall height, whether walls are enclosed, if a full slab is needed or just piers, if the strucutre is being built over an existing playground etc. As always, the price of a project is highly dependent on the amount of earthworks to be completed, whether services need to be run in (plumbing, stormwater and electrical) and the exact dimensions and details of the shed.


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